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The Sight Entertainment is currently in partners research to produce a film based on our childhood’s tales: five tales linked to five issues of our times.

As we were reading again the original versions of the classic tales we all know, we realized how unfortunately current their messages still were.

Unlike Disney’s fantasy interpretations, our idea is to extract the essence of these tales, to bring out the reason why they were written in the first place.

By transposing them in a contemporary context, we can understand their actual social messages and discover how truly significant they are.

The Project

This project aims at giving a fresh interpretation of several popular folk tales: “Red Riding Hood”, “The Little Match Girl”, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, “Bluebeard”, “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves”.

Although dating from the XIVth and XIXth centuries, these tales are still highly significant today.

Revisiting these old tales, the following present-day topics are discussed: sexual predators, extreme poverty, the fear of strangers, lust and manipulation, organized crime.

These stories contain several underlying themes: the difficulty for children to differentiate between fiction and reality, the sensationalism sought by journalism nowadays, the omnipresence of individualism in our society, the cruelty of the economic situation for certain homes, the fear that ignorance arouses, the dangers that ‘social’ media may present, the feeling of no longer being humane.

With these illustrated tales, we want to offer different levels of reading. Some will simply see beautiful and sad stories, others will feel the discomfort induced by the situation described without knowing how to analyze it and others still will be called to a better awareness concerning our world today.

The originality of these five tales is that they are all taking place in the same city, giving us the possibility to make the characters meet and interact, even though they don’t belong to the same stories.

By making this film, we also intend to support causes we really care about: Poverty, fear, manipulation, reject,…

Too many people are still confronted with these hindrances; they could be one of your neighbours, one of your friends, one of your coworkers… who knows?

We hope this film will be an eye-opener for some, bring hope to others, trigger discussions.

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