JJ Dumonceau

JJ was born in France, in the Champagne region. At age 13, he moves to Africa where he spends most of his teenage years, witnesses three coups, and meets peoples with whom he is still friends.
He has no idea how he got his passion for the arts, but he has always known that he wanted to tell stories by way of filmmaking.
In Africa, he gets his friends to run on the roofs of houses to shoot Super 8 movies.
In France, he drags his friends behind cars and shoots the action on video.
While studying at a university, Jean-Jacques joins a special effects company, which allows him to set foot on film sets.
Following his dream of being a creator, Jean-Jacques understands lighting, directing actors, cinematography, image editing, the importance of sound and the human qualities required by a film director.
In order to bring his projects to life, he creates a company: The Sight.

The first movie he directs is noticed by Luc Besson who purchases the rights.

Around that time, he moves to Canada. New beginnings, new encounters… Jean-Jacques focuses more on his story-telling: screenplays and books.
But he still craves film sets, and after a festival in New York where he wins an award for best director, he decides to produce some of the stories he has published.

Like Editor

JJ learned the editing process on a STEENBECK, then he switch on a N.L.E. system with LIGHTWORK, AVID XPRESS,AVID MEDIACOMPOSER on various projects as an assistant.

In 2000, for his short “Shutdown”, he use ADOBE PREMIERE PRO and he use it until 2017.

Since 2017, he switch to use DAVINCI RESOLVE for all his work.

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